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Li Yingai endorses "Da Chang Jin" brand skin care products-Da Chang Jin Skin Care

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May 2, 2005 08:32 Nanjing Morning Post

The drama "Long Jang Geum" starring Lee Young-ae, in addition to blowing up a whirlwind of Jang Geum in Hong Kong , was already on the rise in South Korea when it was launched. The Korean MBC TV station, which adapted the experience of Jangjin into a drama, authorized South Korean skincare experts to inherit Jangjin ’s research on medicated diets, specially launched the Dae Jangjin medicated skincare series, and also specially used the Korean star Ms. Lee Young-ae ’s Dae Jangjin style Publicize the image, the full line of products will officially debut on April 29.

(Source: Nanjing Morning Post)

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