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LOTIONSPA Lucy won the 2014 Ruili Yiren Fashion Style Fashion Brand of the Year

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On November 7th, 2014, the award ceremony of Ruili Yirenzhenzheng Fashion Night Model was held in Beijing . Yang Gongru, Liu Xuan, Ming Dao, Li Feier, Zhang Ye and other stars appeared at the event. Care for celebrity damaged muscles, designated skincare brand- LOTIONSPA

On November 7th, 2014, the award ceremony of Ruili Yirenzhenzheng Fashion Night Model was held in Beijing. Yang Gongru, Liu Xuan, Ming Dao, Li Feier, Zhang Ye and other stars appeared at the event. Take care of the celebrity's damaged muscles, and designate the skincare brand-LOTIONSPA as the core, and win the 2014 Fashion Impact Brand of the LOTIONSPA Ruili Yiren Fashion.

lotionspa plant skincare specialist

Ruili Yiren Fashion Night Fashion Model Awards Ceremony

What is fashion? Unrestrained or elegant? Professionalism or texture wins? For Locore, fashion is an emotion. The key is to take the "core", take care of the star's damaged muscles, matcha tea everyone will look forward to, and penetrate the skin for 3 seconds to awaken the skin!

lotionspa plant skincare specialist

Fashion influence brand

LOTIONSPA Luxin was successfully selected as the "Fashion Influence Brand" in this Ruili Yiren Fashion Night, and it stands out among the skin care brands that are full of flowers, proving that Lux core skin care products have a high reputation and influence in the world's skin care industry. Is an outstanding brand leading the sustainable development of the industry .

lotionspa plant skincare specialist

lotionspa plant skincare specialist

Ruili Yi Fashion Night

The Ruili Yi style is beautiful, and the delicate and moist flowers are surrounded by it. The scene is full of refreshing and moist atmosphere. LOTIONSPA selects high-quality botanical extracts and essences from all over the world, integrates top-notch skin care technology, and allows every inch of skin to enjoy SPA-level care. In the end, it brings the magical matcha water with "3 seconds penetration and moisturization". A breakthrough revolution in skin hydration technology.

lotionspa plant skincare specialist


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