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What brand of skin care for pregnant women is good, Jingqi special skin care products for pregnant women-what brand of skin care is easy to use

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Dear pregnant mother, does busy work keep you busy all day and forget to pamper yourself? Many discomforts caused by the pregnancy reaction can be taken lightly, and the skin becomes worse and older during pregnancy. You can also turn a blind eye, but the great pregnant mother, have you forgotten to spoil yourself? Once flawless skin is the capital of your self-confidence, and now this beauty is threatened. Will you secretly hurt yourself: Do you really want to give up beauty after marriage and pregnancy? In the face of your sentimentality, the editor wants to say, pregnant mothers, please love yourself, and women who love yourself are eligible for happiness. As Liu Xiaoqing said, "The best investment for a woman is to invest in yourself!" This sentence is good.

What brand of skin care products is good

Maternity Skincare Brands

How to care for the skin during pregnancy? Of course, choose skin care products for pregnant women. Pregnant women's skin care products are gradually accepted by the public. Especially in recent years, the market for pregnant women's skin care products has developed rapidly, and a large number of pregnant women's skin care brands have emerged. The list of pregnant women's skin care products also changes every year. But do you know what skin care products to use during pregnancy? According to an authoritative website, the leading global brand of radiation protection clothing, Italian Jingqi pregnant women skincare products, entered the 2015 list of pregnant women skincare products . In this case, today I will bring expectant mothers to follow Jing Qi to enjoy the flawless skin care during pregnancy that belongs to you alone.

Jingqi Skin Care

Jingqi's research and development team selects natural plant raw materials during the research and development and production process. Above 90 are organic plants. At the same time, with superb technology, it extracts nutritional ingredients that have beauty effects on the skin. The molecular structure of hexagonal water and human cell water is extremely close, which can be quickly absorbed by the skin and integrated into the blood to activate the cells; and its solubility is higher than ordinary water by more than 30, which can quickly break down and eliminate toxins in the body, and promote metabolism Delays cell aging. Without adding any harmful chemicals, it provides the most gentle and healthy nourishment for pregnant women. The following is a list of skincare products launched by Jingqi.

1. Jingqi Olive Nourishing Care Oil

Select Italian high-quality olive fruit, containing multi-vitamins, long-lasting moisturizing, effectively diminish fine lines and improve skin elasticity.

2.Jingqi Olive Olive Cream

Enriched with olive fruit oil and wheat protein extract, it locks the moisture of the abdomen skin, refines the skin texture, and firmes the skin. It is specially developed for pregnant women and is safe and gentle.

3.Jingqi Hexagonal Water Cleansing Milk

Gentle plant ingredients are dispensed with natural hexagonal water to quickly dissolve and clean skin dirt such as dirt, oil, aging cutin, etc., leaving the skin clean and hydrated.

4.Jingqi Hexagonal Nourishing Toner

The gentle and comfortable hydrating and moisturizing experience effectively improves the rough, dry and dull skin, helps to adjust the dull complexion, and opens the door for the subsequent supplementation of nutrients.

5. Jingqi Hexagonal Water Moisturizing Milk

The texture is delicate and silky, and it evenly locks and moisturizes the skin. It quickly replenishes natural nutrients to the skin and continuously improves dryness, dullness and uneven skin tone.

Skin care for pregnant women

1. Make sure to thoroughly clean the makeup every time to prevent pigmentation.

2, the products used are clean, expired products and other people's cosmetics are definitely not used.

3. Do not use whitening products during pregnancy due to the development of pregnancy spots.

4. Avoid using cosmetics containing hormones and heavy metals such as copper, mercury, lead, etc., should choose good quality, guaranteed, simple ingredients. A product with a mild nature, dominated by natural ingredients.

5, do not use lipstick, if used, drink water before eating should be wiped off to prevent harmful substances from entering the mother's body through the mouth.

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