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I solve skin problems

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lotionspa plant skincare specialist

Plant doctor LOTION elderberry firming and smoothing series new listing

Do you have these skin problems? Skin is slack and lacks elasticity; skin is dehydrated, dull and dull; living in cities with heavy environmental pollution and strong ultraviolet rays. After 25 years of age, skin aging has gradually appeared. If you only pursue complexion surface work, you may ignore that the muscle floor springs are loosening. Over time, local collapse, relaxation, and wrinkles begin to parade on the face. Anti-aging has become an urgent topic.

What ingredients does a dermatologist usually use as an anti-aging prescription? Vitamin A acid, approved by the US FDA, is an anti-aging prescription ingredient commonly used by dermatologists. It can significantly improve wrinkles and significantly and long-lasting skin. But it is easy to cause skin sensitization, redness, dryness and peeling, which is not suitable for everyone. So, why is the Botanical Doctor LOTIONSPA Elderberry Firming and Smoothing series more recommended? It contains western elderflower, olive oil, ginkgo biloba, grape seed oil, honeysuckle and other plant ingredients, as well as the natural factor sodium hyaluronate, to achieve multiple skin care effects such as firming, anti-aging, smoothing wrinkles, and relaxing skin. Quality, feel delicate and smooth.

lotionspa plant skincare specialist

Join hands with members to plant environmentally friendly trees

We respect and care for the plant world and contribute to the nature that gives us natural raw materials.

As one of the pillars of the Botanical Doctor's LOTIONSPA brand philosophy, 2013 was a larger scale and a wider scope. In 2013, the "Botanical Doctor LOTIONSPA Scholarship" entered 16 schools. Always adhere to empty bottle recycling, give back to consumers, and protect arable land. Persist in actions more than slogans, and call on more members to actively carry out afforestation activities. Protect plants and plant trees comprehensively! After the tree planting activity was launched, many members sent photos of tree planting and said, "This activity advocated by the plant doctor LOTIONSPA is good, and now the environmental pollution is so serious, we should do our part to protect the environment!"

From March to May 2013, the brand rebate for members who participate in local tree planting activities as required can get 2000 points from the botanical doctor.

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