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The only designated skin care product by the China Film and Television Makeup Committee

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LOTIONSPA core is specially designed for Asian skin.

Selected plant extracts and essences from Japan, France, Italy and other parts of the world, combined with top-notch skin technology, let every inch of skin enjoy SPA-level care.

LOTIONSPA Loose "cares for the damaged skin of celebrities" is the only designated skin care product of the China Film and Television Makeup Committee, and is known as celebrity skin care products for makeup artists.

brand introduction:

LOTIONSPA is a skincare brand under the Beijing Luxic Cosmetics Co., Ltd., known in China as the leading skincare distributor in China. Therefore, LOTIONSPA was able to master the most advanced skin care technology in the world at the beginning. It uses the world's best quality essence water and plant extracts. It may be the first in the world to advocate only for Asian skins. Combined with the brand of skin care products, the number of stores currently covers China's large and medium-sized cities, with consumers all over the country.

LOTIONSPA core-"care for celebrity damaged muscle", is the only designated skin care product by the China Film and Television Makeup Committee, and is known as a celebrity skin care product for makeup artists.

brand history

The LOTIONSPA Loci team has been engaged in cosmetics trade in China since 1994, and has developed rapidly. Since 2004, it has opened a first LOTIONSPA cosmetics store in Beijing Carrefour while operating a store in mainland China, and in 2007, the first LOTIONSPA store The store opened. In 2012, the first "LOTIONSPA" living hall opened. In 2013, the first LOTIONSPA nursing experience shop. Later, it transformed its international brand operation strategy and began to brand internationalize. Currently, it has entered into strategic or strategic partnerships with the most famous international stores and important shopping malls, and has registered trademarks and trademarks in China, Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, Japan and France. Its intellectual property.

lotionspa plant skincare specialist

Brand spokesperson

Song Ce

One of China's top makeup masters, Song Ce has his own unique makeup philosophy, and he does not follow the trend blindly. In his view, copying the style of others is destined to never be at the forefront of the times. Only by discovering his unique beauty is the sign of true fashion. In 15 years, he has touched almost all the faces of popular stars and supermodels, but he prefers those ordinary women's faces to bloom with star-like brilliance under his makeup style.


Asian nude makeup godfather

Beautiful Pretty Woman Senior Professional Lecturer

China's top ten chief makeup artists

Expert guidance from China Makeup Art Research and Innovation Center

Chief Stylist of CCTV "Same Song"

product technologies

Quality water resources

lotionspa plant skincare specialist

The 1,000-meter-thick basalt rock layer accumulated by Mount Fuji after 7 volcanic eruptions in 250,000 years. After 400 years of filtration, rain and snow water penetrated 7 layers of basalt, forming the world's only uncontaminated spring water. The administrative review committee identified it as an excellent source of preventive medicine and health promotion. It has weak alkaline, small molecular groups, strong oxygen carrying capacity, rich in trace elements and other physiological activities, strong penetration, good absorption, and can improve human immunity.

lotionspa plant skincare specialist

Evian natural spring water in France-one of the world's top ten beauty springs, the spring water originates from the majestic Alps, from 4800 meters high mountain melting snow and mountain rain. It is formed in the hinterland of the Alps after 15 years of natural filtration and mineralization of glacial sand. The spring water is clear and clean. It is not only rich in minerals and other essential trace elements, but also the only natural isotonicity in the world. Hot spring water can penetrate into the surface layer when it touches the skin, so that various active ingredients can be brought into full play, which has excellent skin beauty effect.

The world's top skincare expert

lotionspa plant skincare specialist

R & D, manufacturing technology

lotionspa plant skincare specialist

Related Products

Imported from Japan

Matcha Beauty Moisturizing Series

Selection of the famous Kyoto Uji Matcha Tea to quench the thirst of the skin 100, anti-oxidation, whitening, hydrating and moisturizing, rescue dry muscles in water and fire.

lotionspa plant skincare specialist

Jojoba Oil Fine Pore Series

Fuji's soft water instantly narrows pores, enhances skin vitality, breaks down oil, promotes metabolism, and creates delicate ageless muscles!

lotionspa plant skincare specialist

Cherry Blossom Rejuvenation Series

100 safe skin, normal use for pregnant women, especially for sagging and wrinkled mature muscles. It contains the ingredients of Mt. Fuji Cherry Blossom, which penetrates and nourishes quickly, awakens the vitality of the skin, tightens the skin, and gives the skin a moisturizing and smooth texture.

lotionspa plant skincare specialist

Witch Hazel Shurun Repairing Series

Perfect care for sensitive skin, choose the best plant essence for your skin! Soothes sensitivity, soothes repair, hydrates and moisturizes, lasts moisturizes, and improves sensitive skin!

lotionspa plant skincare specialist

Witch Hazel Firming and Moisturizing Body Care Series

360-degree full-body SPA, skin is fully moisturized and smooth. Warp, slim, firm, exfoliating, concentrated warp lifts and tightens, skin reappears young, smooth and delicate, reshapes charming S curve.

lotionspa plant skincare specialist

Huangcen Acne Series

Contains extracts of plants such as Huang Cen, licorice, etc., inhibits excessive oil on the skin, hydrates and regulates the skin's water and oil balance, thoroughly cures acne, repairs acne marks, and restores skin to a healthy state.

lotionspa plant skincare specialist

Imported from France

Chamomile Softening Soothing Series

Soothes sensitive skin, hydrates deeply, penetrates and moisturizes, and creates clean, bright white skin! Chamomile effectively soothes sensitivity and quickly relieves skin dehydration! Take care of sensitive and fragile and damaged skin after sun!

lotionspa plant skincare specialist

Elegant Lily Clear White Spots Series

28-day spot removal and spot removal in one step. Go deep into the source of the problem and face up to the 8 great daytime enemies. Lily essence cares, restores water and brightens white, and takes all-round care of the system. The effect is more long-lasting, balances skin tone, improves skin texture, whitens and spots, and restores flawless beauty!

lotionspa plant skincare specialist

Won awards

LOTIONSPA is the only skin care brand designated by the China Film and Television Makeup Committee, and is known as "skincare products for makeup artists".

LOTIONSPA core, won the Ruili Yiren Fashion 2014 annual fashion influence brand.

Cooperation Channel

Top-tier cities

Shin Kong Place, Jiuguang Department Store, Financial Street, Juntai, Intime

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